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Music HerStory Podcast: 

Episode 28- On this joint episode, Tessa Nojaim was invited to discuss her experiences as a female brass musician and dive into the collegiate world of classical music.  

Commencement Address: 

Tessa Nojaim was selected by a committee of deans at the University of Rochester & Eastman School of Music to provide the Commencement speech for the graduating class of 2021.

Marrying Music & The Law: 

Episode 12- Tessa Nojaim, Eastman graduate interviews Ari Solotoff, of Solotoff Law Group. They discuss what musicians need to know about the law, and how music & law intertwine.

Pandemic Advice: 

Tessa Nojaim, representing WGMC Jazz 90.1, interviews Marshall Gilkes, jazz trombonist and composer. Gilkes gives advice on how to stay motivated during the pandemic, and speaks more about his recent projects.

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